Diamond Airbrush Tan

Airbrush Tan Diary: Learn How To Care For Your Airbrush Tan

Diamond Airbrush Tan is a company that was started by accident…


Diamond Airbrush Tan

It began in 1997 when its founder, Tracy Diamond purchased a small airbrush face painting company called Fantasy Faces. Just as Tracy began exploring Mottothe airbrush face painting industry she discovered a small freckle-like growth underneath her left eye. That freckle turned out to be cancerous and it unknowingly became the catalyst For Diamond Airbrush Tan.Once the skin cancer was removed the Dermatologist gave her strict instructions to avoid the sun, as much as possible, and to stay out of the tanning salons for life! In an attempt to maintain the look of having a tan while avoid harmful UV-rays, Tracy began using the airbrush face painting brushes to apply the sunless tanning solution she purchased at Wal-Mart. She brought this idea to the Fantasy Faces and they went on to start a successful company called, Fantasy Tan.


Airbrush Tanning is the safe method for attaining an instant long-lasting sunless tan. Unfortunately, not all airbrush tanning solutions are created the same. Diamond Airbrush Tan uses  products from a line of skin care products that are made from all natural ingredients, so they moisturize and hydrate the skin throughout the airbrush tanning process.